Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

Samba's memorial service.

I just got back from Samba's memorial service today. I am glad that I was able to make it inspite of the long flight and snow and cold.

Flight to Seattle was not too bad. I got the First Class seats and they are definitely better than
the economy, but the service is still bad. Got out of Sea-Tac airport around 3 in the morning of saturday, 29th. Robert and UncleD (friends from monkeybin) had made sure that I had a place to crash for the night. So, I slept for the night.

Next morning, Uncle D and Robert updated me on the last few days of events.

Samba fought to the end. He passed away in peace at 4:38 AM, Thursday the 27th.

Memorial service was held at 3 PM, Saturday 29th, at Mercer Island High School, Samba's alma mater. I was amazed at how many people actually attended the service. We were expecting somewhere around 100 friends and families, but it turned out to be more than 200 people. That would be typical "Samba Style". It reminded me of those times at monkeybin when we used to go to clubs in San Francisco. He knew so many people. The other surprising part was that a lot of people came from out of town.

The service itself was very powerful. Robert started it with the words "A celebration of life.." and it sure was a huge celebration. Everybody celebrated Samba in their own little itsy-bitsy tiny way.

I am pretty sure that nobody will forget Samba... ever. He will always be looking out for everybody. He is somewhere out there. And I am pretty sure he is having a real good time already.. :).

The service was also broadcast live on webcast, and friends and families from all over the world watched it. Amazing.. isn't it !!!

Robert and UncleD put the slide show of Samba's pictures at Feel free to check it out. The memorial service will be up in couple of days.

Thanks for the Good times.. Samba..!!

PS: He is officially known as Mr. Sameer Bhatia.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Samba left us for another world...

We called him Samba..
I am goin to miss that guy big time....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I tried to add Issam and Scott to my "Do you know" list but that thingie aint pinging or singing....

hence the dilemma and this stupid post....

"Enable transliteration" settings on blogspot

that thingie sucks.... every darn thing i typed was getting converted into hindi... sons of bitches..
and how the hell this thingie figured out that i am a third world mother truckin indian in the first place..?? INS??..JetBrains ?(they are good at "profiling"..)

crapiola bastards...!!!!

well.... the motto is ...."I do not speaka english"

Monday, March 3, 2008

yager bombs on the rocks.....

I have recently discovered that yager with red bull and ice is a pretty neat drink....:) Gets you drunk and will also keep u up at nite....

We had an eight hour marathon meeting on Saturday at Data Dynamics .. my work and by the time we were done, i needed that shot so bad...really bad... :)

well.. last nite I was trashed like a sumbitch..... :). Looks like it is becoming a habit....